3400/lb /lb

Fresh never frozen!

Hogfish are often referred to as the “filet mignon” of fish. This delicate, white fish has virtually no "fishy" taste. While many fish can be harvested by hook and line, Hogfish are unique because they are typically only caught by spear. 

Hogfish is great blackened on a skillet with your favorite seasoning, or with no seasoning at all. There's no wrong way to cook it, however the meat is very tender and cooks extremely fast, so it's important not to overcook!

We harvest our Hogfish by speargun, diving the reefs off the SE Florida coast. Hogfish is in season until the South Atlantic quota is met.

Please note, we try our best to get the fillet weight as exact as possible.  However, since all fish are different sizes, the weight of your fillets could be + or - 0.2 lbs.

3400/lb /lb

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