2000/lb /lb

Fresh never frozen!

Fresh tuna is mild, but meaty. When raw, the meat is pink or red in color, but turns a grayish color once cooked. We generally offer Blackfin or Yellowfin tuna depending on what is biting in the area at the time. 

We recommend seasoning with some salt and pepper and then searing the tuna quickly on all sides in a hot skillet.  It can also be grilled, or boiled and then made into fresh tuna salad.  

Tuna are primarily caught with live bait outside the reef edge on the SE Florida coast.

Please note, we try our best to get the fillet weight as exact as possible.  However, since all fish are different sizes, the weight of your fillets could be + or - 0.2 lbs.

Yellowfin Tuna
2000/lb /lb

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